Academic Results

Eutychus is a center of academic excellence. This is from the results of the K.C.S.E results. Each year, the school has been able to send over 10 students to Universities. The top student and grade since the start of National exams in the school are as follows.

                                      2005_______ Vincent Okoth-B minus

                                     2006_______ Harryson Makamu-B plus

                                     2007_______ Samson Aluda-A minus




                                     2011_______ Stanely Kipchumba-C plus

                                     2012————John Muisyo-B minus


The school also offers help to the best students of each year by employing them so that they can support themselves in paying the fees of the tertiary levels of study. Currently more than 18 students have been through this school as teachers; most of whom have finished their university studies in public and private universities.