We pride our self in:

Overwhelming endorsement from our immediate community for producing highly disciplined, innovative, all round and self-reliant students which has guaranteed our existence in the region for over 15 years.

We have dominated in sports and science and engineering competitions where we have emerged among the top schools in the country for over 10 years consecutively. Our science projects have won the Royal Chemistry Society award twice which is a prestigious recognition.

We have a fully-fledged department dedicated to the mental health of students, with a school psychologist. Students’ emotional and psychological issues are well handled by the experts in the department in order to maximize the students’ potential in other areas.

Cooperation pacts with Hvitfeldtska Gymnaesiet in Gothenburg, dedicated to student and staff exchange on pedagogical and cultural issues. We also partner with Healthy Thinking International, an NGO that runs a drug prevention progarmme among students in the school.

Sample of great leaders developed from the school serving the country in different capacities

Macdonald Lumumba

Works as a teacher at Teachers Service Commission

Served as the school headboy in 2006. He came from a very humble family where his mother was a vegetable vendor struggling to raise his fees. He later joined Kenyatta University and taught in the school to raise his university fees

Harrison Makamu

Works as the principal of Kenswed Academy.

Having been educated by his elder brother and donations from well-wishers, he joined Kenyatta University where he studied Bachelors of education. He was among the top students in the national exams in 2006.

Dancan Akuma

Works at AA Lodges as an ICT Admin. He completed his studies at the school in 2007 and joined Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT) for BSC Information Technology (IT). He designs and maintains the school website as a way of giving back to society.

Andrew Machuki

He struggled through his high school studies only managing to score average grades. He later joined Kenya Air force where he is currently serving as a cadet.

Anipher Mohammed

Works at Eutychus Academy-Riruta as a teacher.

She was the school head girl in 2009-2010. She joined Mount Kenya University to study Bachelor of education. She works at the school as a way of raising her own university fees since her parents could not afford that.

Hyrene Mokua

Works at Eutychus Academy- Riruta. She came from a very humble family with the father struggling so much to raise her high school fees. She was among the top students in 2010 after which she joined Kenyatta University for her bachelor’s degree. She graduated and joined the school as a teacher to give back to society.

Citron Akhala

Works at Eutychus Academy-Riruta as a teacher.

Having completed his studies in 2014 he was admitted at the University of Nairobi for Bachelor of Science. He works at the school to raise his university fees.