1. The school has been able to send students to the university after every yearly national examination. Since its first national exam till now over 40 students from the school have joined various universities in the country and some abroad.
  2. The school has managed to create 20 employment opportunities directly and many others indirectly.
  3. The school has managed to give low cost and quality education to more than 1500 students most of whom originate from poor families.
  4. The school operates a programme of giving its best students in national exams a work study programme where they are offered with employment opportunities in order to fund their university studies. At the moment three of its former students are among the teaching staff and they are taking different courses in different universities and colleges in the country.
  5. The school runs the Eutychus Founders Scholarship Fund where the directors contribute part of their monthly income to fund education of students who come from extremely needy families. Currently the school has 50 such students.
  6. The school has excelled in sports and science and engineering fair.In science and engineering fair. The school has excelled at the national competitions for the last 6 consecutive years. In 2009 the schools chemistry project featured in the magazine of the prestigious Royal Chemistry Society in London and won cash award from the pan African Chemistry network. In 2013 the school topped the whole country in the mathematics category of the science competition.


The school struggles to obtain school fees from parents most of whom are unemployed.

The construction project that the school is beginning is too expensive to be funded by the little fees collected from the students.

The running expenses of the school are high making it not possible to fund as many students as possible.

Lack of any assistance from the government strains the schools effort to offer low cost education.