CO-Curiculum Activities


Eutychus girls soccer team at Kenyatta universityThe school is one of the leading champions in different games within Nairobi County. It has excelled in the following games;

 Volleyball:  -Excelled up to semi finals in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

 Excelled in 2012 up to finals attaining position two in the County.

Netball:  – 2010 – Represented the school up to quarter finals in Nairobi County.

                      2011 – Reached the finals in Nairobi county.

                      2012 – Reached the finals and attained position two in Nairobi County

Rugby Girls : – Represented the school to the  Nationals in Kenya and attained position two Country wide.

Rugby Boys:  – Represented the school to the provincial levels and attained position three in Nairobi County.

Football:   – Both boys and girls represented the school in 2012 at the Provincial level in the   Quarter finals.

Other games that have been introduced in the school for the students include; Baseball and Handball.


science congressThis is the greatest event in which the school takes pride.Since 2008 the school has participated and excelled at the Kenya National Congress on Science and technology every year.The event brings together scientific innovations by students from all over the country who have competed and excelled at their respective regions.In 2009 the school won the chemistry award offered by the Royal Society of chemistry from London together with that of Pan African Chemistry network based in the university of Nairobi.


This department is headed by a qualified Counseling Psychologist and he is assisted by 5 other members drawn from the staff, parents and students.

The department co-ordinates the following activities in the school:

  • Orientation of new students
  • Regulation of religious activities
  • Training of student leaders
  • Offering talks and lectures on selected topics to students
  • Offering professional psychological counseling to individuals and groups

The department operates the following programmes to help it achieve its objectives:

Peer counseling programme-it is a team of students who are trained to offer paraprofessional services to other students with the supervision of the counseling head of department.

Family groups-the students are subdivided into smaller groups and each group assigned to a member of staff who regularly meets with them to discuss matters affecting them. The member of staff acts as the mentor of the group. The families meet once a month.

Class meetings-under the leadership of class secretaries, the students hold monthly class meetings and forward their issues to the respective school authorities for action.

Liturgy– Is the customary public worship done by a specific religious group, according to its particular traditions. As a religious phenomenon, liturgy is a communal response to the sacred through activity reflecting praise, thanksgiving, supplication, or repentance.

The school also encourages students to take part in religious faith they subscribe to. The main faith based groups in the school are Christian Union (CU), YCS, Seventh – Day Adventist (SDA) and Islamic Religions. The four groups are lead by spiritual teachers and motivational speakers who guide the students on religion matters. The Christian union has managed to release one choir album and they are working on production of the video of the same.

The school has set aside one day in the week when all these groups congregate to propagate their faith.


This department is operated by a team of 5 members. The school has an accountant who deals with book keeping. Four members of this team are charged with the responsibility of sending students for fees and ensuring that fee agreement with parents is honored promptly.

As required by law the school appoints an auditing firm yearly to check its accounting system and prepare audit reports. This ensures wise use of the funds collected.