Asatsa Stephene

ASATSA STEPHEN, PhD (School Manager)

He is founder of the Eutychus Academy Riruta school. He holds a PhD (Counseling Psychology) from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, MA (Counseling Psychology) from Mount Kenya University, Bachelors of Education (Mathematics/ Business Studies) from Kenyatta University and Higher diploma (Counseling Psychology) from the Kenya Methodist University). He served as a teacher in the school from 2003 rising in different positions up to the school principal in 2009. He passionately served as the head of the counseling department where he mentored so many students and rehabilitated those with various psychological challenges. Having specialized in Counseling Psychology, he left classroom teaching and now dedicates most of his time to the mental health issues of the learners to ensure holistic development of learners. He runs programs ranging from career counseling and mentor-ship, drug prevention, trauma and grief counseling, staff work related issues. He works in conjunction with parents and teachers to develop the different abilities and talents of the students.