Major Departments


The schools top governing body is the Management board which comprises of the founders. This team is charged with the responsibility of hiring and firing staff, providing resources for the school and checking the work of the Principal.

The school principal is the next in command and he is charged with the duty of coordinating the day to day running of the school.

The principal is assisted by a deputy principal who is in charge of the teaching staff and the general discipline of the school.

The students are represented in the administration through their student council which is democratically elected on annual basis. The students sit in different committees in the school to represent their interests.


The department is headed by the academic teacher. The programmes in the school include: Mathematics, English, iswahili, Chemistry, Physics,  Biology, Geography, History, Christian Religious education, Business studies  and Agriculture.

Students in the laboratoryThe school started with a teaching staff of five members. The first members of staff were: Asatsa Stephen,Michael Odhiambo,Thomas Karani,Patrick Makhanu and Purity Ngila.They were later joined by others like the late Kayundi, Mr. Wasilwa, Barasa, Ndukwe, Obala, Okitui, Mrs. Nyambane, Susan, Momanyi, Grace Ouko, Joan Jiveri, Ben Wafula, Salano, Adel, Caleb, Wekesa, Asoyong, Lucy,  Onyango, Okemo, Ongaya, Fridah Mulechi, Diana Amoi, Philip Odhiambo, Mbindyo, among others.

The current teaching staff members are; Mr. Karani, Mr. Odhiambo, Mr. Makhanu, Nashirobe, Stephen Asatsa, Mr. Ouma,Mr. Wasilwa, Mr.Owalla Boniface, Mr. Owalla Raymond, Mr.Karanja, Mr.Kariuki, Mr.Enock Mogere, Ms Anipher  Mohammed ,Ms Angeline Mokua

 The staff members are dedicated to their work offering extended lessons after normal working hours to improve on the academic performance of the students.

Academic Department has the following sub – Departments; 

                        Science Department

                        Languages Department

                        Mathematics Department

                        Humanities Department

                        Games department

Academic Trips          

Students in a trip at Fort JesusThe school offers academic trips to students at affordable rates. The areas in which the trips are offered include Geography, Mathematics and others.